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Business Change Management

Business Change Management

Blue Ocean Strategy® in Education

On Apr 20, 2015 11:51:45 AM

/ Andrea Simon

Categories: Blue Ocean, Andrea Simon, Change Management, Higher Education

As we see more and more businesses using Blue Ocean Strategies to adapt to changing times, some innovators and trailblazers in education are "seeing the light" as well. All-too-often, educators are slow to adopt new ideas from business and apply them to academia but here is one story we especially would like to share with you.

SMK Convent Lebuh Light teachers attending the
Blue Ocean Strategy workshop at DISTED Hospitality Campus

This short article examines the many ways Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) can be used to create a better educational system. The process sounds very much like how BOS is used every day in the business world because not surprisingly, people in practically any industry ask similar questions:

  1. What are the complexities of the educational workplace that we can streamline and adapt to better serve our students?
  2. Can BOS help us share missed opportunities and ideas?
  3. How can you make the educational environment more conducive to learning?
  4. How can you make school more appealing for students and teachers? What about for their parents?

How can you apply Blue Ocean thinking to educational settings?

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