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250: Tatiana Tsoir—10 Big Ideas For Women To Create A Successful Business

Posted by Andrea Simon on Jan 18, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Women entrepreneurs: hear how to be the boss of your bottom line! 

This was a terrific podcast with a woman who will help you start and grow your own business, today. As a corporate anthropologist who helps organizations change, I thought Tatiana Tsoir’s approach would be refreshing for those of you who listen to On The Brink and for her listeners as well. We talk about the challenges that women face today, particularly starting and building a business. Many people, not just women, have ideas and want to be their own boss. Is this you?Listen to Tatiana address some of the mistakes you’re going to make before you make them.

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Topics: women in business, women entrepreneurs, rethinking women in business

249: Angela Henderson—How Can You Build A Great Business And A Wonderful Life?

Posted by Andrea Simon on Jan 11, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Learn how to enjoy your business and your life!  

Our guest today is Angela Henderson, a wonderful woman from Australia who teaches us how to help women start and grow their businesses and themselves. She has a unique approach to help aspiring women entrepreneurs reach the peak of their performance. This is always a topic of great importance to us and to our listeners. How can you learn the skills and smarts to take you to greater success, from starting a business to sustaining its growth? And once you have that business going, how can you adapt it to these fast-changing times and remain profitable when all around you, things are no longer what they used to be? Angela tells us! Listen in.

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Topics: women in business, women entrepreneurs, rethinking women in business

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