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272: Mari Ryan—Time For A Big Strategy For Your Company's Well-Being

Posted by Andrea Simon on Jun 28, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Learn why employee well-being is key to a company's success 

Mari Ryan and I met by chance through Peter Winick’s Thought Leadership roundtables and became immediate colleagues and virtual friends. She brings to you her inspiring passion for helping organizations and the folks in them become healthier. This is so important, today and really always. What Mari has developed is a strategic approach to help people not just wish to build healthier lives and better organizations, but to actually achieve remarkable results. We all need more well-being in our lives and workplaces. Enjoy.

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Topics: women entrepreneurs, healthcare innovation, rethinking women in business

126: Lihi Segal—Get Healthy And Avoid Disease With Personalized Nutrition

Posted by Andrea Simon on Mar 25, 2019 6:00:00 AM

 Lihi Segal explains how microbiomes are the key to health!

I first heard about heard Lihi Segal in a TED Talk about how our diets are unique to our bodies. It was so interesting. It's not about how much we eat, it's the precise mix of foods we consume. I reached out to Lihi and DayTwo, her research company that's developing this new approach, to see if they would share with us their research findings and what it might mean for each of us. The implications of this new understanding of nutrition are enormous. What if we all could be healthier and avoid disease if we better understood what's good and bad for our individual bodies? This is big. Listen in, learn and share this conversation! It could change your life.

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Topics: women entrepreneurs, technological innovation, healthcare innovation

114: Patrick Horine—Bringing Blue Ocean Strategy® to Hospital Accreditation

Posted by Andrea Simon on Jan 14, 2019 6:00:00 AM

 Listen now as Patrick Horine explains how he brought much-needed change and innovation to hospital accreditation!  

At SAMC we have spent a considerable amount of time working in healthcare organizations and with healthcare clients. When I spoke recently at the 2018 Society for Healthcare Strategy and Marketing Development (SHSMD) conference, I was approached by a woman who wanted to tell me about an inspirational leader, Patrick Horine, President of DNV GL Healthcare. I followed up with Patrick and was in awe of what he and his company are doingnamely, changing the way we are going to be evaluating and accrediting healthcare institutions in the future. Isn’t that a huge “Blue Ocean Strategy?

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Topics: healthcare change, healthcare innovation

099: Dan Miller—Should You Dare To Be On the Road To a Healthier, Longer Life?

Posted by Andrea Simon on Oct 1, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Listen now as Dan Miller teaches us to live longer and healthier!

Dan Miller did his podcast with me from his truck on the side of the road. That is Dan, an amazing man who has committed his life to helping people live longer, healthier, more meaningful lives. Much like the work done by Blue Zone’s author Dan Buettner, Dan Miller is searching for what and how people can extend their lives—and how he can help them do it. Listening to our conversation might just change your life so I urge you not to miss it!

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Topics: Healthcare, healthcare change, healthcare innovation

098: Rick Harris—Shouldn't You Want to Delight Patients and Deliver Care?

Posted by Andrea Simon on Sep 25, 2018 1:33:03 PM

Listen now as Rick Harris talks about being faithful to what people want!

I bet you want to know what “Customer Faithful” is all about! That’s what Rick Harris and I talk about in this podcast. Rick is from the UK and has spent much of his career studying consumer behavior. His passion, and the goal of his company, is to find out what really matters to peoplethe actual consumers or patients who are using your products or services. Much more than a new take on customer service, Customer Faithful enables businesses to be "faithful" to delivering what consumers really want and need. This is fascinating, innovative stuff. Don't miss!

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Topics: Healthcare, healthcare change, healthcare innovation

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