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099: Dan Miller—Should You Dare To Be On the Road To a Healthier, Longer Life?

Posted by Andrea Simon on Oct 1, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Listen now as Dan Miller teaches us to live longer and healthier!

Dan Miller did his podcast with me from his truck on the side of the road. That is Dan, an amazing man who has committed his life to helping people live longer, healthier, more meaningful lives. Much like the work done by Blue Zone’s author Dan Buettner, Dan Miller is searching for what and how people can extend their lives—and how he can help them do it. Listening to our conversation might just change your life so I urge you not to miss it!

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Topics: Healthcare, healthcare change, healthcare innovation

098: Rick Harris—Shouldn't You Want to Delight Patients and Deliver Care?

Posted by Andrea Simon on Sep 25, 2018 1:33:03 PM

Listen now as Rick Harris talks about being faithful to what people want!

I bet you want to know what “Customer Faithful” is all about! That’s what Rick Harris and I talk about in this podcast. Rick is from the UK and has spent much of his career studying consumer behavior. His passion, and the goal of his company, is to find out what really matters to peoplethe actual consumers or patients who are using your products or services. Much more than a new take on customer service, Customer Faithful enables businesses to be "faithful" to delivering what consumers really want and need. This is fascinating, innovative stuff. Don't miss!

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Topics: Healthcare, healthcare change, healthcare innovation

088: Dr. Emile Heisiger—U.S. Healthcare: Ready for Major Changes. Are You?

Posted by Andrea Simon on Jul 23, 2018 6:00:00 AM

 Listen now as Dr. Emile Heisiger explains how we can improve America's health!

As you know, our podcast On The Brink is all about helping you see, feel and think about thingsin your business, your personal life, in our society todaywith fresh eyes. So today's session is a very interesting conversation with Dr. Emile Heisiger, one of America's leading neurologists who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain. He talked at length about the broken state of healthcare in the US but also he has some very interesting ideas about how to fix it. Whether you are a physician or a patient, you really shouldn't miss this very timely conversation.

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Topics: Healthcare, healthcare change, innovation

069: Michael Menerey—Reconstructing Healthcare So Employers Can Win Not Lose

Posted by Andrea Simon on Apr 2, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Listen to Michael Menerey teach us how to lower healthcare costs by challenging the status quo! 

If you are the founder of a business, an entrepreneur growing your business or a CEO trying to stay in business, you probably are watching your healthcare costs and employee benefits soaring out of sight. What to do? The first step is to listen what to Michael Menerey, Senior Vice President and Benefits Consultant with Alliant Employee Benefits, has to tell us in this podcast. You'll learn a lot about what can be done to manage employee benefit costs. Don't miss this one!

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Topics: Healthcare, healthcare change, business change

032: Linda MacCracken—The New World of Patient Care

Posted by Andrea Simon on Oct 12, 2017 6:25:00 PM


Listen now to Linda MacCracken tell us what's next in patient care!

If you are in healthcare, or use any part of the healthcare system, you've got to listen to my phenomenal interview with Linda MacCracken. We examine how the entire nature of delivering healthcare is changing. If they haven't already, caregivers must develop a patient focus, which entails really listening to and engaging with patients in order to deliver the right care for each individual. How? By teaching physicians how to be more than just great doctors. And by realizing that the Millennials of tomorrow are going to be very different (and demand very different care) than the seniors we care for today. You've got to hear this!

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Topics: Healthcare, healthcare change

031: Debra Zambito—Love Your Career, Never Stop Learning

Posted by Andrea Simon on Oct 10, 2017 6:00:00 AM


Listen now to Debra Zambito talk about learning and changing along life's journey! 

In this fascinating podcast, Debra Zambito shares her journey of becoming CEO of Elant, a leading healthcare system in New York State. Initially, Debra helped Elant's five skilled nursing facilities transition to new ownership, then she became CEO of its Clinical Care Retirement Community and the Elant Foundation. What is so interesting is how Debra describes how she has personally changed throughout her exceptional career. On the Brink is all about how to see things with fresh eyes—even ourselves, which is why Debra's revelations are spot-on. Listen in!

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Topics: Healthcare, behavior change

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