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257: Emma Mills-Sheffield—Can Listening Help You Solve Your Life's Problems?

Posted by Andrea Simon on Mar 8, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Learn how empowering your employees catalyzes your business

In October of last year I was interviewed by Emma Mills-Sheffield for her blog. We spoke about the challenges that businesses face when they stop growing, which is the subject of my first book, "On the Brink: A Fresh Lens to Take Your Business to New Heights," that shares seven case studies of clients who had gotten stuck or stalled. We discussed how Emma approaches business operations in a way that she can help companies scale and sustain their growth. As we spoke, I realized that we can always learn new things in new ways. And you will as well. Listen in!

Watch and listen to our conversation

Emma Sheffield video

Emma and I both find that people are the opportunity and the challenge

We all know that an organization is a group of people. And that its success is dependent upon those people being able to “see, feel and think” for themselves but also as a collaborative unit.

What Emma will share with you is how she develops people's workplace skills using humility and vulnerability. She helps them see themselves in fresh ways and develop their resilience and capabilities so they can become a happy and productive workforcewhat every employer wants. Because at the end of the day, any company is just a summary of its employees. Now is a good time to foster engagement and enthusiasm among your own employees as you re-enter a post-COVID environment. 

Emma Mills-Sheffield-1About Emma Mills-Sheffield

A highly sought-after consultant, Emma helps businesses drive efficiency and productivity to get the best from their organization and their people. Through coaching and training employees to become more resilient, she helps them and the companies they work for develop and thrive. By streamlining business operations and investing in people, this encourages business growth fueled by a contented, more dedicated workforce.

Her passion is to empower people, looking beyond pure profit and cost reduction, since a successful business is more than just the bottom line.

Clients typically work with Emma's company, Mindsetup, when they are:
• Scaling up a business
• Restructuring
• Integrating new teams
• Revising strategic direction
• Bidding for new work or preparing for investment
• Ramping up their formal manager training and leadership coaching 
• Preparing for a flexible working model

You can contact Emma on LinkedIn, her Mindsetup website or her blog.

Want to learn more about scaling for growth by empowering your people?

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