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Does Social Media Drive Website Traffic? Let's See!

Does Social Media Drive Website Traffic? Let's See!

iStock_000048890882_Small.jpgAll that social media buzz! Does it really work? And which outlet might work best for you?

We were curious too. To see how social media worked for one of our B2B clients, Simon Associates Management Associates (SAMC) just completed a case study which we turned into a white paper on the impact of social marketing on the growth of website traffic.

While only one study and one case, the white paper does point out the power of using a wide range of social channels and why the right ones for your message should be an important part of your inbound marketing mix.In our case study, we analyzed the 4th quarter of 2015 before the use of social media and the 1st quarter of 2016 after use of social media.

Let's see what happened!

Detailing the results, this white paper clearly demonstrates the impact of social marketing on our client's website traffic. The research results include data and charts which reveal:

  • An analysis of site visits before and after
  • Website visits by source
  • Messages by type
  • Clicks by source
  • Website visits from sources

Finally, we asked: Which channel and content format work best for this type of client? To help us better answer that question, we created what we call the “Coefficient of efficiency” that identified which sources were most efficient for generating website traffic. 

To download a copy of our white paper, please click below:

Download our social media case study

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