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Business Change Management

Business Change Management

It's Time To Put The 'Care' Back Into Healthcare

On Feb 26, 2016 11:06:00 PM

/ Andrea Simon

Categories: Healthcare

In my first and second blogs on medical burnout written for FierceHealthcare, I examined the troubling reality which has been dubbed by many as "the healthcare professional's occupational disease." Judging by the feedback I've gotten on both posts, clearly we're onto something here. Now in my third blog in the series, I explore the ways several hospitals and medical groups are attempting to solve this massive problem.

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Why Isn’t Your Company Innovative?

On Feb 15, 2016 3:41:45 PM

/ Andrea Simon

Categories: Change Management

For years, I used to open my CEO workshops with this question: “Are you an active promoter of innovation?”  Every hand would go up. Then when I would ask for an "innovation" success story, all hands would go down. 

Eventually I realized that these business executives were raising their hands because they wanted to be seen as innovators. The reality was that they were long on promise and short on performance, or as I like to say, all sizzle and no steak. Just like these business leaders, most of us want to be innovators, but when it comes to actually making it happen, we often come up short. 

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Starting A New Business? 8 Keys To Make It A Success.

On Feb 8, 2016 12:10:00 PM

/ Andrew Simon

Categories: Andrew Simon, Entrepreneurs

Several weeks ago, I wrote an article entitled, Starting a Business While Working at Another. I was pretty surprised to see the type of response I received to this blog. It generated a tremendous number of new Likes on both Facebook and Twitter.

That got me thinking about what people really want to read about. Was it the experience of starting a new business? Was it my personal trials and errors? Who knows, but the interest in both startups andmy own stories was indeed high.

So what was I going to write about next?

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