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309: Kim Graham Lee—How To Build A Culture Where Men And Women Truly Support Each Other

Posted by Andrea Simon on Apr 4, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Hear how to build a culture that values men and women 

There are times when you are fortunate to meet exceptional women. Kim Graham Lee is one wonderful woman who is moving in a very important direction — how to build allyship for men and women. Kim is the CEO of Integrating Women Leaders (IWL) which is joining with Women Business Collaborative, of which I am a member, to conduct the first nationally-focused study to measure the practice of allyship with women in corporate America today. The primary focus of IWL's 2022 benchmark study is to take stock of where we are in building better cultures where men and women can support each other. This is truly groundbreaking...please plan to listen.

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Topics: women in business, business culture, culture change expert, women leaders, rethinking women in business

308: Sumit Gupta—How Can You Change The Lies And Tall Tales Handcuffing You Today?

Posted by Andrea Simon on Mar 28, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Hear how to discover what really matters to you

At times, my podcast, On the Brink with Andi Simon, brings me guests whom I would never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. Sumit Gupta is one such person. As you listen to his story, you too are going to say, “Wow.” What an interesting journey he has had. How has he been able to succeed, rethink himself and his career, focus on new directions, and succeed again? What does success mean, anyhow? He answers these and many more questions. Listen in!

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Topics: finding happiness, well-being, self-care

307: Rebecca Morrison—Women, Are You Ready To Find Your Happiness? Is It All Around You?

Posted by Andrea Simon on Mar 21, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Hear how to find your own true happiness

Each podcast is a story for our guest to share with you, our audience, so you can “see, feel and think” in new ways. Today’s podcast is with Rebecca “Becky” Morrison. She shares with you a recurring theme which we have found with many of our own clients: success is not what it is meant to be. Happiness, that thing we all aspire to achieve, is somewhere beyond the job, the career, and even the home life you have built for yourself and your family. But where is happiness? And how do you find it? Becky has great answers, which I know will speak to you.

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Topics: women in business, women entrepreneurs, finding happiness

306: Terry Earthwind Nichols—Energized To Expand Your Horizons And Search For The Future Of You?

Posted by Andrea Simon on Mar 14, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Hear how to create an environment where people love to work!

I always enjoy talking with Terry Nichols (H.E. Amb. Terry Earthwind Nichols). We had a great conversation during our first podcast in January of last year. Today we discuss how Terry’s life story has taken him in many directions, leading him to a splendid place where he is helping people find their own way. After learning that he is a Native American, he began to see his own life through a fresh lens. In the U.S. Navy, he experienced a range of tests and challenges which led him to become an innovator and visionary. Now as a Visionary Strategist, Terry works with those seeking to change the way they and their businesses achieve success. Listen in and learn!

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Topics: business change, business leadership

305: Laura Rotter—Do You Want To Build Your Wealth Or Enjoy Financial Well-Being?

Posted by Andrea Simon on Mar 7, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Hear how you can build wealth AND a happy life 

Laura Rotter and I met through the Business Council of Westchester, a wonderful organization that brings together great people, men and women. Laura is the founder of True Abundance Advisors, a financial life planning and wealth management firm. As she tells you her life journey, her story will resonate with you. She is a great woman to interview and share her journey with our listeners. I know you will gain knowledge about yourself, your business, and what makes you truly happy. Are you living to work or working to live?

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Topics: women in business, women entrepreneurs, women leaders, rethinking women in business

304: Laurie Hirsch Schulz—How Can Small Businesses Build Great Big Companies With The Right Support?

Posted by Andrea Simon on Feb 28, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Hear how to navigate change so you can grow and thrive

Laurie Hirsch Schulz did something quite awesome: she left corporate life to pursue her calling as a coach and a champion for small businesses, particularly for women solopreneurs. She had a great job, only to discover that she had had enough. Sounds like a recurring theme among many of our podcast guests. They are talented women ready to steer their power and their energy in new directions. Laurie's creative genius is in seeing unmet needs in her markets and finding innovative ways to solve them—rather Blue Ocean style. So much to learn from her! Enjoy.

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Topics: women in business, women entrepreneurs, women leaders, rethinking women in business

303: Kathy D'Agostino—Can A Great Performance Coach Build Your Team And You?

Posted by Andrea Simon on Feb 21, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Learn how to grow your business through your employees

What is a great performance coach? Meet Kathy D’Agostino. Kathy and I met through the Business Council of Westchester where I was giving a talk about my book, Rethink: Smashing The Myths of Women in Business. Like so many women, Kathy had a great corporate job until it wasn’t such a great corporate job. Her passion was in coaching people. As she earned her professional certifications, Kathy realized that she had, indeed, found her calling. Her particular focus is helping leaders improve their employees' performance. Listen in, learn and share. Enjoy!

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Topics: women in business, women entrepreneurs, women leaders, rethinking women in business

302: Meg Nocero—Can You Feel Joy As You Rethink Your Life?

Posted by Andrea Simon on Feb 14, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Hear how to rethink your life's journey and find your purpose

Meg Nocero has several books that reflect her own journey from grief to a meaningful life. Her latest book, Butterfly Awakens: A Memoir of Transformation Through Grief, takes you through her story which could easily be your own. How many of you are doing a job you thought was your purpose in life, only to realize that you are bored, frustrated, unfulfilled, and searching for something more meaningful? What do you do, deal with it or reach for another pathway? In our conversation today, Meg shares her own discovery about how she could do something that mattered more to her. She needed a crisis in her life, the loss of her mother, to be that catalytic moment propelling her forward. Maybe you are going through something similar? Have a listen.

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Topics: women in business, women entrepreneurs, women leaders, rethinking women in business

301: Jessica Yarborough—You Can Design Your Work Around The Life You Want To Have

Posted by Andrea Simon on Feb 7, 2022 3:55:53 PM

Learn how you can reach or exceed your income goals!

Jessica Yarborough brings to you, our listeners, her highly successful approach to helping consultants and businesses significantly accelerate their growth. Her process is an interesting one. In today's podcast, we talk about the challenges people face who have created courses or are selling low-end programs who are not reaching their income goals. Listen in and let’s think about how to help you build your sales, create long-term clients, and hit your income goals.

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Topics: women in business, women entrepreneurs, women leaders, rethinking women in business

300: Anne Greven—How Can We Support Innovative Entrepreneurs In Agriculture?

Posted by Andrea Simon on Jan 31, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Hear about amazing innovations in our food supply!

You are going to love learning from Anne Greven. Anne is the Global Head of Food and Agribusiness Innovation and the FoodBytes! Platform at Rabobank. Our shared interests are all around change, specifically, how to create a new way to produce food at a time when agriculture is facing escalating crises in soil, water and the environment. In today’s podcast, you will listen to this amazing woman talk about her own personal journey and what she has learned as she moved up in the banking world. You just might leave feeling a little better about our planet, too.

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Topics: women in business, women entrepreneurs, women leaders, rethinking women in business

299: Linda Coughlin—Want to Change Your Organization? Focus on Building Trust

Posted by Andrea Simon on Jan 24, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Hear how to overcome the difficulties that block change

In our podcast today, Linda Coughlin and I get deep into a conversation about the challenges of working with organizations that need to change. You are going to love this interview. Lin is an expert on how to help companies rethink their processes and develop new ways to bring together new teams, engage different generations and successfully build new cultures, often from the merger of different organizations. As you'll hear, she and I are on the same page. Enjoy.

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Topics: women in business, women entrepreneurs, women leaders, rethinking women in business

298: Brian Gladden—Can You Be A Value Innovator Inspiring New Markets

Posted by Andrea Simon on Jan 17, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Hear how Blue Ocean Strategy helps you own your market!

In this podcast, Brian Gladden and I go digging into the whys and hows of creating Blue Ocean Strategies®. Brian is a trained Blue Ocean Strategist who helps businesses find unmet customer needs and create uncontested market space by using the tools and methods of Blue Ocean thinking. After conducting 500 workshops and dozens of client engagements, I know the thinking of a Blue Ocean Strategist quite well, and Brian is certainly one of us. He just loves the methodology and objectives behind BOS, as do I. It really works! To learn how to do it, listen in. 

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Topics: Blue Ocean Strategy, Blue Ocean Strategy Expert

297: Maggie Karshner—Ready To Start And Grow An Amazing Business? Maybe You Need A Coach!

Posted by Andrea Simon on Jan 10, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Hear how to launch your own business, successfully

In this podcast you are going to meet Maggie Karshner. She loves to work with people who want to set themselves up in a new business or grow the one they currently have. She and I talk about how to help solo-preneurs take their ideas and become coaches, consultants, therapists, chefs, specialists helping kids get into college, branding experts...you name it and Maggie has done it. During our podcast, we want to help you see what is possible and make it happen. Listen in!

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Topics: women in business, women entrepreneurs, rethinking women in business

296: Vikrant Shaurya—Ready To Write Your Best-Selling Book? We Are Here to Help!

Posted by Andrea Simon on Dec 20, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Learn how to publish your very own book! 

Are you interested in learning how to write your first book, or maybe your second or third? Listen in today to hear what Vikrant Shaurya, founder of BestsellingBook.com, will teach us about how to write a bestseller. Enjoy the journey with him. You will hear all about my favorite topics: story creating and storytelling. As humans, we all have this wonderful and unique ability to create meaning through our stories, which we then turn into amazing realities that we share and also live. Why not tell your story? Send it along to us and let’s hear it. We'll put it in our podcast, too.

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Topics: business strategy

295: Lisa Perrine—Clever, Creative Ways To Enhance And Amplify Workplace Communications

Posted by Andrea Simon on Dec 13, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Learn a new way of thinking for new types of solutions

Have you ever really wanted to know how to think about a problem in a new way? Maybe you need to improve your company’s communications and conversations. Or your employees' motivation and productivity. Perhaps a Design Thinker could help you step back and objectively observe what the problem is and how you could conceptualize different ways to resolve it. Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Perrine. We have known each other for quite some time, and I am endlessly amazed at what she brings to our audience. Please listen, learn and share!

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Topics: women in business, women entrepreneurs, business culture

294: Doug Brown—The Agony Of Selling Can Become The Astounding Success Of A Superstar

Posted by Andrea Simon on Dec 6, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Learn how to amp up your sales process for amazing success! 

In our podcast today, Doug Brown and I are going to help you sell better. As CEO of Business Success Factors, Doug has amazing ideas about how the sales process really works, and how to help you make yours deliver the results you have always wanted it to. We will also dig into the emotional blocks that hold people back from becoming the sales success they are meant to be. As you know, I am always looking for people to help you see, feel and think in new ways. Doug is just the guy for us today. In this current business environment, I really urge you to take a listen.

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Topics: business growth strategy, business innovation, business leadership

293: Marie-Claude Stockl—The Time Is Now To Boldly Reinvent The Role Of Women In Business

Posted by Andrea Simon on Nov 29, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Hear how change can really, actually happen for you

While I have known Marie-Claude Stockl a long time and we are both devoted horse lovers, I never had the pleasure of really getting to know her back story, and how she became so successful doing interesting and important things in teaching people how to better communicate. Today we have a splendid conversation about the challenges women face in the workplace, and the slow pace of change taking place in our society today. Both Marie-Claude and I have experienced being the only woman in the room and we have both endured, determinedly overcoming challenges and bias. Yet, we are both optimists at heart and enthused by the possibilities and opportunities we see for women today, and going forward. Do listen in!

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Topics: women in business, women entrepreneurs, rethinking women in business

292: Marsha Friedman—How A Woman Entrepreneur Took A Little Idea And Turned It Into A Big Business

Posted by Andrea Simon on Nov 22, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Hear how fulfilling customers' needs can lead to a big success!

Marsha Friedman is one of those women entrepreneurs who started with little and built a great business in the public relations and communications arena. She didn’t start with a plan. Her parents didn't enable her to go to college. She was simply supposed to find a wealthy man and get married. She never had much funding or capital. She just listened and believed in herself. As she shares with us, she learned over the years to care a lot, have the courage to try and try again, and to think about the customer as part of your team. Hers is an amazing story, one we should all listen to and learn a great deal from.

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Topics: women in business, women entrepreneurs, rethinking women in business

291: Michael Schein—How To Hype Your Business Into Success During Fast-Changing Times

Posted by Andrea Simon on Nov 15, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Learn how to make "hype" powerfully work for you

This was an amazing interview. I met Michael Schein when he interviewed me for an article he was writing for Psychology Today about my podcast, On the Brink with Andi Simon. That’s right, the one you are listening to right now. Our conversation led to today's wonderful opportunity to interview him and share his big ideas about how to embrace “hype” and use it to build success. I know “hype” sounds suspect, but in Michael's case, it involves learning about how people make decisions, and how charismatic leaders capture our attention and cause us to follow them, even when what they are pushing is a hoax or a sham. Here's your chance to learn from an expert how to capitalize on hype, in a good way!

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Topics: business growth strategies, business innovation

290: Frank Schaeffer—Why Don't We Fall In Love, Have Children, And Save The Planet, Now?

Posted by Andrea Simon on Nov 8, 2021 6:00:00 AM

Hear how to really find more happiness in your life 

What can one say about a man who is on a journey to bring better clarity and purpose to all of us who meet him? Interesting? Inspiring? Passionate? Of course. But what I love about Frank Schaeffer is that he has discovered the beauty in caring for others and the power of love, children and family to bring meaning into our lives. In today's podcast, Frank and I talk about his latest book, Fall in Love, Have Children, Stay Put, Save the Planet, Be Happy, but we could be talking about his entire life. It has been one of discovering himself, what really matters, and how, from this new-found purpose, he has emerged as an author, film director, screenwriter, public speaker...and an inspiration. Frank is a true gem. Enjoy.

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Topics: emotional intelligence, Rethink Your Journey, finding happiness

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