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138: Jack Knocke—The Internet Of Things Is The Future of Things

Posted by Andrea Simon on Jun 17, 2019 6:00:00 AM

Jack Knock explains how IoT is changing business and our lives!

As you know, at SAMC we are very interested in exploring how new technologies are transforming businesses, higher ed, non-profits...everything. In this podcast, Jack Knocke and I talk about the Internet of Things. What is this IoT, anyway? Why should we be paying attention to how it's affecting industry, supply chains, the way we live? Can it help us streamline what we are doing now? Will the data that it's capturing offer us fresh insights into our business models and how they can become better, smarter? Lots of great questions. This is a wonderful session that you should dig in and listen to. The future's coming fast—listening to Jack is a great way to get ready.

Get up to speed with IoT

In this interview, we discuss IoT case studies and business model development utilizing IoT systems. 

A little about Jack Knocke

Jack KnockJack is visionary leader bringing energy into a room with enlightening business profiling, visionary ideas and implementation know-how. He founded his consulting business, IoT Advisor Group, to help IT solution providers add Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and telecom services to their portfolio. 

Before starting his consulting business, Jack grew and managed one of the most respected Telecom Master Agents in the country, transforming a manual operation into a fully automated leader with management tools and processes that track every aspect of operations. 

From analysis of a business to constructing a roadmap to success, Jack works with clients to build the systems, processes and vendor alignment necessary to meet strategic goals.  

You can learn more about Jack at his website: www.iotadvisorgroup.com 

3 podcasts about how IoT is impacting our lives:

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Topics: business model innovation, technological innovation, technology

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